A free APP lets you manage your MiCODUS Device

2023 New Launch|【MiCODUS】An Awesome Tracking APP You Can Not Miss


Real-time locating with MiCODUS!

This is a free APP for receiving the location data from GPS device, it's an ideal APP forfleet or personal use. Just tracking devices from your phone or tablet. 

Features include:

* Simple login and registration process

* Account and Sub- Accounts: Allows you to create sub-users under the master account for different purposes

* Manage multiple devices via one single account

* Multiple tracking modes for different demands

* Real-time tracking and historical route playback

* Send commands via APP to manage the tracking device remotely

* Various alerts type which including sOS, low battery, overspeed, vibrate, tamper etc..

* Geo-fence to set a security area, APP will receive alerts when device enter or exit this area.

You can find it in your APP store and it is free for everyone. The APP's interface is designed in a very considerate way. Just follow the tips and you will be able to complete the test.